What Customers Say

All Silver-line products are designed for efficiency and engineered to stand up to even the toughest customer. Our commitment to quality is built into every sander. We also offer unprecedented customer support and expert advice to back up each Silver-Line product made.

“Heller’s Hardware and Rental has been in the rental business since 2000. Our SilverLine drum sander has been the single most profitable piece of rental equipment that we own.”

–  Terry Heller

Here’s an example of an email chain from the Silver Line team to a now very grateful customer- enjoy!

Customer: We received our Silverline 1218R machine with the wrong user manual and how to disc, the machine pictured in both is not the right machine. can you please send us the right how to disc and manual, thank you

Silver Line: We only have the one “How to” DVD and you will find the 1218R being used… Not sure what user manual you received as they are online http://essex-silver-line.com/2013-SL1218-Manual.pdf

Customer: thank you for responding. The online version will work. We figured things out. So far I am very disappointed in the sander. It seems to buff, not sand. we are going to try 20 grit paper and hope for better results.

Silver Line: What are you trying to cut? Old wax or Poly? What grits did you try?

Customer: Poly and acrylic sealer, 2 different floors. finish is worn down to almost bare wood and it seems to just make the floor shiny, does not get down to bare wood. We had to do the first floor with a belt sander. we used 36 grit

 Silver Line: The SL8 and SL7 would have been more aggressive, the SL1218 will always be slower than a drum sander and edger… Is the acrylic sealer on a wood floor or is it water base polyurethane?

Customer: I wish I had asked your advice about which machine to buy. I think the SL 7 is an edger, and the SL8 is about $3,000, in the long run that would have been better. the acrylic is an acrylic sealer, put on 20 years ago

Silver Line: Let me know how the 20 grit works..

Customer: I will, it is in the mail, should be here by Friday, thanks so much, have a good day

Follow up email from the Customer:

…letting you know that our 1218 R machine is doing really well since we discovered the embarrassing fact that we were using the wrong side of the sandpaper!

We are very happy with it and I appreciate your communication on it all along. I am impressed with your help. We have done half our projects now and the floors look beautiful.

Silver Line: Glad I could help and that I could impress someone… Well at least we found out what was wrong… Just a blooper… Can I use this story in the future (no names of course)?

Customer: of course you can use the story .

live and learn! maybe it will save someone else from making such a silly mistake. I did mention to my husband that sandpaper numbers were always on the back of paper, but he said it was right.. have a good weekend and thanks again for your excellent responsiveness all along.