Floor Finishes

Essex Silver Line Finishes launches a new line of floor finishes!

Essex Buffable Wax Finish

Environmentally friendly buffable wax. Restores and protects all types of resilient floors.

It is ideal for linoleum, vinyl, rubber, & tile flooring, long lasting & skid resistant.

Essex Hi Gloss Wax

Non-buffable high solid wax finish that seals and protect resilient floors leaving a high gloss sheen.

Essex Wax Stripper

Use Essex Wax Stripper for the all important first step of resilient floor maintenance. It is an easy to use product for removing old finish and wax.

The concentrated formula emulsifies all types of wax and finish.

Essex Neutral Cleaner

Balanced ph floor cleaner that cleans floors without rinsing.

Essex Neutral Cleaner

Contains no oils or soap that can dull no-wax or previously waxed floors. It is ideal for no-wax or vinyl floors, marble, and terrazzo.

Essex Wood Floor Cleaner

Extend the life of your wood floor w/ our specifically designed environmentally friendly wood floor cleaner. Use for regular maintenance for all your sealed hardwood flooring to clean and restore your floors original luster.

Essex Spray Buff

Specifically designed to be used with a burnisher. Extremely durable wax seals and protects resilient floors resulting to a High Gloss/Wet finish.  Makes routine cleaning simple.