U-2D Underadiator Sander

u2The U-2 from Silver-Line is designed to do the job effectively and inexpensively!

The Silver-Line U-2 Underadiator Sander is perfect for hard to reach areas. We designed this machine to do a job quickly, easily and keep the machine simple at the same time.

Install a 5″ PSA disc onto the cloth face of the pad, plug the unit into a standard outlet and you can sand under baseboards, toe kicks, porch railing, radiators and other projecting built-ins

The U-2 has a 10″ nose with a 1.5″ clearance; it will get the job done.

The .5 HP motor drives the disc at 2000 RPM, more than enough to complete the job. We use motorcycle style handgrips to reduce fatigue and ball type casters for maneuverability.

Standard Equipment

25′ 14/3 power cord with twist lock connectors and standard plug


Silver-Line floor sanding machines are fully guaranteed for one year against factory defects

Over-All Dimensions

Length 17 ½” – Width (across handles) 14″ – Height 12″


Construction – Molded anodized steel

Motor – .5 HP Motor, 115 volt, AC

Disc Pad – 5″ Diameter, rubber with cloth face, backed with steel, 2000 RPM

Belts – “V” Belts drive from the motor to the disc pad

Net Weight – 24 lbs. Shipping Weight- 32 lbs.

Caution: To prevent the possibility of fire, always empty the bag and dispose of its contents immediately after use. Do not empty near flame.