SL-7D2 Floor Edger

sl7The SL-7D is the newest edger from Silver-Line. This machine was designed without casters to be used on soft woods. The nylon bar glides along the floor eliminating wheel marks left by standard casters. (Standard casters come with the SL-7D for the times you want to use them)

Due to its unique design, the SL-7D cuts a flatter pattern on the floor. Because the machine is closer to the floor, the dust pick up is increased, and it becomes a DUSTLESS edger.

Standard Equipment:

25′ power cord with twist lock connectors and standard plug, dust bag & wrench


Silver-Line floor sanding machines are fully guaranteed for one year against factory defects

Over-All Dimensions

About 10″ Diameter – Height 13″


Construction – Accurately machined interchangeable parts of highly polished aluminum alloys.

Motor – 1.5 HP Universal Motor, 115 volt, AC.

Disc Pad – 7″ Diameter, rubber backed with steel, precision balanced, 3600 RPM

Disc Guard – Free wheeling, non-marking

Vacuum – Oversized rerouted chamber for extra-clean pickup.

Ball Bearings – On all revolving parts, lubricated and sealed.

Net Weight – 30 lbs.

Shipping Weight – 35 lbs.

Caution: To prevent the possibility of fire, always empty the bag and dispose of its contents immediately after use. Do not empty near flame.