Proper Use of Sandpaper


12, 16, 20* … For rough sanding of very uneven floors, removing old surface coatings and leveling floors.


36* 40 … For intermediate sanding of very uneven floors following rough sanding. For initial sanding of moderately worn floors.


60*, 80, 100* … For finish sanding of all floors prior to applying new coatings. For removing light scratches, sanding marks and minor surface damage.


100, 120 … For removing fine scratch marks prior to applying new coatings. For light sanding between surface coatings.

* Indicates most popular grits for sanding floors. 60 & 100 grit should be used in succession for proper finish. Never skip more than two grits when sanding a floor.

Example: DO NOT jump from 36 grit to 80 or 100 grit. Always start your sanding project with the highest grit possible that will cut and level your floor. If your chosen grit will not cut the finish or level the floor, go down one grit size to complete the cut!