Learn about Water Based Finishes

After sanding your floors with the Silver-Line SL-8 and SL-7 it is time to apply finishes. Here are some tips to remember when using water-based finishes.

  • Screen the floor with a 120 or 150 grit sandscreen. Screening will close the pores of the wood and the Water-Based finish will not cause a lot of grain to raise.
  • When tacking a floor before application of the first coat, use a soft rag dampened with water instead of a tack cloth. The chemicals used to make the tack cloth sticky may effect the adhesion of the water-based finish. The cloth should be damp but not wet! Tack the entire floor and do not forget to remove dust from the walls, doors, windows, etc.
  • Use a recommended water-base applicator, most suppliers will sell applicators that were designed to be used with a water-base finish.
  • Unlike the process when using oil modified finishes, do not screen the floor after the first coat of water-based finish is applied. Wait until the second coat is applied then screen lightly. Remember, the screening is done to take out the raised grain, do not remove the finish.
  • Do not use steel wool to screen your water-based finishes. Any steel wool material left on the floor after you vacuum will rust into your floor.
  • Always read the manufactures instructions and follow them.