Fabulon Products

Essex Silver-Line is proud of our long association with Fabulon products. Fabulon finishes are known as the top of the line, for durability, innovation and quality.

Fabulon Heavy-Duty Polyurethane
Fabulon Crystal
Original Fabulon Fast Dry
Fabulon Pryme: Keeps wood light
Fabulon Pryme II
Fabulon Clean Sheen

We believe in Fabulon quality so much, it is the only finish used in the homes of our CEO, President, and Vice President.

The following is a history of Fabulon and their products from taken from one of their pamphlets named “How to finish wood floors…Old or New”:

“Our bowling lane finishes were first made in 1934, and Fabulon has been a leader in the floor finishing field since.”

In 1977, FABULON developed a unique water-based bowling lane finish that led directly to the formulation of our consumer water-base finishes, like Fabulon Crystal.

The following is a breakdown of their most popular finishes. Remember, Fabulon Floor Finishes are designed specifically for wood floors!

Fabulon Heavy-Duty Polyurethane

This product is known by professionals and homeowners as one of the finest, long-lasting polyurethanes on the market It has exceptionally high polyurethane resin content that assures maximum durability, excellent body and a long lasting no wax finish. It never needs waxing. This finish provides an easy-to-care for “coat of protection” on wood floors.

Fabulon Heavy-Duty polyurethane is also available in a low VOC version where required by law.

Fabulon Heavy-Duty Polyurethane is available in three sheens: Super-Gloss, Semi-Gloss & Satin.

Fabulon Crystal

Crystal is a direct result of decades of research for bowling lane finishes. Crystal is the premier high-performance water-borne finish for residential floors. It provides your floor with a beautiful, light natural gloss or satin finish that is extremely easy to apply. Crystal has excellent gloss retention and durability.This waterborne floor finish is practically odorless, dries fast (one or two hours) and cleans up easily in soap and water. Crystal is available in Gloss or Satin sheens.

Original Fabulon Fast Dry

This product is the twin of the clear coating used for years to beautify and protect bowling lanes against the constant battering of bowling balls and pins. When used in a residential application Original Fabulon is the only floor finish that polishes itself and thus stays looking new for years. Original Fabulon produces and attractive lustrous gloss finish with excellent durability and resistance to abrasion and wear. It dries in less than an hour and is easy to maintain, floors can be cleaned with water…No Waxing.

Not for use over stain.

Original Fabulon comes in a gloss finish only.

Fabulon Pryme: Keeps wood light (Optional Product)

This sealer is a great start for a lighter wood finish. Pryme is an excellent first coat for bare wood floors. As it seals the floor, Pryme protects the wood from the “wetting action” of oil modified finishes, and therefore assures the lightest possible natural wood color.

Do not use over stain.

Pryme is an alcohol based sealer that can be used before applying Original Fabulon or Fabulon Heavy-Duty Polyurethane.

Fabulon Pryme II

This is the low odor, compatible VOC, clear primer/sealer water based twin to Pryme.

Fabulon Clean Sheen

This is a high performance wood floor cleaner that really works. Ready to use Clean Sheen removes stubborn dirt and grime and leaves your floors clean, without a soap residue.


Choose the right Fabulon Product for your project

Product Apply Original Fabulon Over Apply Heavy-Duty Polyurethane Over Apply Crystal Over
Freshly Sanded Wood Yes Yes Yes
Original Fabulon Yes Yes Yes
Heavy-Duty Super Gloss No Yes Yes
Heavy-Duty Semi-Gloss No Yes Yes
Heavy-Duty Super Satin No Yes Yes
Crystal Gloss Yes Yes Yes
Crystal Satin Yes Yes Yes
Pryme Yes Yes Yes
Pryme 2 Yes Yes Yes
Choose the right application tool for your project

Tool Heavy Duty Polyurethane Crystal Original Fabulon Pryme Pryme 2
T-Bar with Applicator Yes Best No No Best
Wood Block with Lambswool Appl. Best No Best Best No
Trim Coater Yes Best No No Yes
Cut in Brush Best Yes Best Best Yes