ESLC17 | ESLC17DC Polishers

esl17Silver-Line polishers are built to last! Designed to hold up to the toughest customers!


17″ Polisher, 175 RPM, 1.5HP, Aluminum Apron
Triple Planetary Gearbox, Steel gears with Coupler, 50′ Cord, Non-Marking Buper, 66 Frame


All the features of the ESLC17 w/ Dust Containment Features included:
The Dust Deflector, Floating Dust Ring, Complete Hose Set up with connection in Apron and hose adapter for the handle

Hook up your existing Vacuum to the ESLC17DC for impressive Dust Collection!

Dust Deflector Installed on the ESLC17DC

Caution: To prevent the possibility of fire, always empty the bag and dispose of its contents immediately after use. Do not empty near flame.