Carpet Chemicals

carpet chemicals

Essex Silver-line brand carpet chemicals will make any rental store profitable. We have all the products you will need, not a 7-1 type, where the cleaning agents are diluted to make room for other products in one bottle.

Carpet Cleaner

Available in quart, half-gallon and gallon sizes. This is a high concentrate, low foaming solution that will be mixed 1 oz per gallon of water. It has the strength to do the job, cleaning your carpets.

Traffic Spotter/Carpet Prep

Available in quarts, this product is used before cleaning the rug on extra dirty spots. Spray it on your spots, let it set in and clean with Silver-Line Carpet Chemicals.

Upholstery Cleaner

Use this product with the Bravo to deep clean your fabrics.


Put this product in your recovery tank of your carpet cleaner and it will not allow foam to accumulate and get suds into your machine.

Winter Rinse

This product neutralizes Ice Melt chemicals. It can be used in a carpet extractor or mop and bucket application. It eliminates the white film/saline left at entrances by Ice Melt products. Keep your waxed floors and carpet as beautiful in winter as in summer.

Case Qty Discounts

Buy any 10 Cases of product – get One Case (1) Free (Any Size)

Buy any 25 Cases of product – get Three Cases (3) Free (Any Size)