972M | 952M Polishers


See the benefits of the 972M Super Heavy-Duty Floor Machine:

  • Powered by a precision-balanced, 1.5 HP, 66-frame, D/C rectified motor. Eliminates brown-outs, low voltage and startup torque problems for fast, easy burnishing.
  • The all-metal, 17” balanced chassis provides more precise pad pressure and beautiful results. The polished metal chassis is easy to clean and looks newer longer.
  • Scrub with a brush 2” smaller than the apron size, or a pad and pad driver 1” smaller than the apron size. Easy brush mounting with a “B”/ “92” style brush drive plug.
  • 6” non-marking, fixed operating wheels for easy transport.
  • Safety-enhanced interlock switch on the handle leaves both hands conveniently in control.
  • Safety-enhanced, non-conductive dual triggers on the handle eliminate shock potential.
  • Heavy-duty dual switch levers.
  • Fully adjustable 48” handle is comfortable for all operators.
  • Non-marking super-thick bumper protects walls and baseboards.
  • Includes (1) 50-foot, 14/3-gauge safety power cord. Motor plugs into this cable at the base of the handle. Maintenance is safe and easy.
  • 5-year warranty on motor, transmission and chassis.

Caution: To prevent the possibility of fire, always empty the bag and dispose of its contents immediately after use. Do not empty near flame.